Deal Incubation

The most robust need for our system comes from professional investors, lenders, consultants and advisors. We offer a holding container for all stages of the deal process, before, during, and after a sale. We are a deal incubation system. Our system enables users to view prospective deals and/or evaluate an investment portfolio in the context of a dynamic system of closed deal reporting.

  1. How do you know when it’s time to sell?
  2. Is there a price that you would consider?
  3. Are you curious about the valuation of your business and how it changes over time?

By completing a simple drop down valuation profile you are in our system. You then see how your valuation assumption compares to similar businesses; and, you’ll see how valuations change over time or within different groups. And finally, folks can reach out to you in our system, to counsel you, or to make you an offer.