Originating & Networking

Profile originating, networking and member sponsoring privileges are licensed to CPAs, certified business appraisers and business intermediaries. If you are a CPA, appraiser or business intermediary Contact us or read more in Licensing & Branding.

Profile Types & Sources

Originating Profiles

The origination of anonymous profiles is part of a patented process in which a licensed professional maintains a secure and confidential database cloud from where they decide what portion of information will be revealed in a Universal network; and, who it will be circulated to within their own network.

Networking or Circulating Profiles

The originator assigns to each profile a network of clients and/or interested contacts from their sponsored network. Profiles are circulated to these contacts to elicit interest, to inform, or to garner an insight or opinion; or more simply, to maintain an ongoing “reporting” relationship with a commercial lender or investor. Profiles originated by others can also be circulated to anyone in the licensor’s network. For each contact assigned to a profile, message logs are maintained to keep a record of all the communication with that contact about that profile. Within the message log an originator can also activate an NDA electronic signature and open up a “one-to-one” confidential connection to share identifying or proprietary information on the profile.

Sponsoring a Private Network

Licensors can sponsor their clients and contacts and provide “branded” access to the Valuation and Exchange Platform. A member becomes “sponsored” just by introducing them to an individual profile within the system; all you need is their email. If you are their originating sponsor, their application will carry your brand banner. Although contacts can be added “one by one” to each profile, an excel spreadsheet template can also be used to upload and download contacts, which can then be accessed via a search filter to assign to individual profiles. An excel download of contacts from LinkedIn or Outlook can be used to upload sponsored members of StatTrader.