Private Branding

We “make a market” in statistics (stats) that benefit a group’s brand.  We leverage a group’s brand equity and scale the distribution of private stats that are a by-product of your group’s core activities.  By linking the stats back to the originator, we do the blocking and tackling needed to expand and streamline the process of introductions and meetings. Any upgrade revenue we collect from your extended network will earn a royalty.  So aggressive networking lays the foundation for a perpetual stream of increasing royalties as well as the ubiquitous exposure of your own brand.

Customizing a Brand Positioning in a New Profit Center

Image-PvtBrandWe create private networks of professional firms by licensing our technology under an individual firm’s brand name.  Within StatTrader’s Universal Network resides a series of Private Branded Networks created and controlled by the key financial players in the buying, selling and valuation of businesses.  These private networks represent Investment Banking Firms, M&A Associations, Private Equity Groups (PEGs), Appraisal/CPA Associations, Banks, and national membership organizations.

Each member within each network is accessible to every other member through the Profile Platform.  However, your network of members will view all these other network profiles (and connect to their members) through your branded portal.

Using Linked Stats to Create Connections

We focus on valuation and debt multiples and historical financial statement trends relevant to business valuations. Investors and bankers need these stats to value and assess their investments and loans; and, intermediaries and CPAs can produce these stats as a by-product of their activities. So linked stats are the catalyst for connecting deal makers and service professionals to capital providers.

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