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Basic Service

In our basic service a member (user) can post their “asked” valuation under an anonymous name and compare it to other “asked” valuations of companies and/or group averages. Users can also view and post links to industry or sector profiles. All users can see your anonymous profile and can send your profile to others, or, message you directly.

Professional Service

The professional version enables a user to originate multiple valuation and buyer introduction profiles. Users also are entitled to view profiles submitted by our qualified members (See Exclusive Licensing). Professionals can flesh out valuation profiles by adding an historical trend or a PDF pop-up; and, they can promote themselves with an ad banner linked to their profiles.

Exclusive Licensing

Professionals must be reputable to qualify as our source of closed deals and seller profiles. In addition to exclusive origination privileges, users can distribute the basic service to their clients and contacts free of charge. Their network can be private labelled; and, all origination and distribution privileges are strictly controlled by the licensee.